35+ Ways to Earn Money Using Wordpress Websites in 2022

It is important to lean different ways to earn money especially these days of internet boom. Using WordPress Websites is the easiest way to start earning big and to start earning immediately 35+ Ways to Earn Money Using WordPress Websites in 2019 will help you choose the ideal way to start using wordpress websites to earn money in 2019. We shall deal with each of this different ways of using wordpress websites to your advantage.


Business Websites

You would have seen several ways of using wordpress websites as personal blog sites. But, statistics show that almost 34% of business websites are created using wordpress websites.

E-Commerce Websites


Personal Blog Sites or Websites


Social Networking Websites like Facebook


News Websites


Online Discussion Forums


Classified Ad Websites


Membership Websites


Job Boards & Career Websites


Wiki Sites like WikiPedia


Question & Answers Websites like Yahoo Answers & Quora


Micro Blogging Websites like Twitter


Review Websites


Classified Websites


Directory Websites


Consumer Reviews & Product Reviews Websites


Local Business Directory


Amazon Affiliate Store


Photo Gallery Websites


Company Websites & Static Websites


Video Blog Websites


Wedding Websites


Real Estate Websites


Online Courses Website


Online Box Office Websites & Sell Tickets


Content Curation, Aggregation & Autoblogging Websites


Event Hosting Websites


Hosting & Domain Selling Websites


Single Product Websites


Politician Websites


Personal Coach Websites


Service Booking or Ticket Booking Websites


Online Exams & Quiz Websites


Auctioning Websites


Coupon & Offer Websites


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