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Why Choose ED Media for
Personal Growth & Business Growth

There are thousands of reasons, yet here are some that stand out


Our educational and developmental experience provides solutions that are realistic and not merely idealistic.


Our experienced experts, mentors, think-tanks and fountainheads offer real solutions for real situations.


Our time-tested comprehensive teaching content are drawn out of experiments from all over the globe.


Huge collection of Videos, Books, E-books, Photos & Audio for learning & teaching, for business, career and life in general.


ED Media’s national & international exchange programs have created a vast network with its content, methodology & strategies for life.


Powerfully designed media & communication strategies help educationists, visionaries, leaders & institutions.


We are abreast wit the current trends on entrepreneurship & education without losing sight of the meaningfulness of life..


We have the strength of strategies to impart our original contextual teaching content people of diverse backgrounds.


Extensive support offered to all our clients even beyond the specific services they undertake from ED Media.

Kickstart Your Innovative Incubation

Have you been planning your startup? Join ED Media’s Incubation Membership to learn the latest and the best practices with complete follow up from us.

Scientific Development Process
Followed by ED Media

Each of your development process will be followed up through these four phases

Checkout Best Features
for Incubation & Business Ventures

Creditable Integrity

We built our solutions from the experiences of people who long for real life solutions.

Effective Team Work

We have networked with people of integrity with a single minded approach to solving problems.

Expert Advice

Every business and incubation venture is provided with expert level suggestions and solutions.

Quality Assurance

We assure you of the best in class service for every solution you seek from us os that you excel.

Ensure Your Growth
With ED Media's Membership Programmes

Choose appropriate membership plan

Life Café Membership

Choose Life Café Membership for Complete Life Planning, Personal Development, Personal Financial Plan, Skilling oneself etc.

Business Café Membership

Choose Business Café Membership for Complete Business Planning, Business Assessments, Accounting, Auditing Support, Branding, Advertising and Marketing.

Career Café Membership

Choose Career Café Membership for Complete Career Planning, Career and Job Assessments, Career based Skill Development.

Incubation Membership

Choose Incubation, if you are about to kickstart a startup or a business venture. Get end to end support, training and testing, till you launch your business officially

Free Membership

Choose Free Membership if you want to get a glimpse of what ED Campus can offer to you if you are part of a membership.

Skill Café Membership

Choose this membership if you want to skill yourself in all relevant fields relating to your field of interest.

Skill Camp Membership

Choose this membership if you are a student looking for holiday skilling programmes like summer camps, quarterly & half yearly holiday programmes.

Girl Rising Membership

Choose this membership if you are part of Girl Rising Movement wanting to change the many dehumanizing social realities.

Creditable Integrity

ED Media's services and the special interest & love for people who long to solve problems is noteworthy.

Effective Team Work

Connected by conviction ED Media is gifted with members who look for ways of sharing the same dream.

Expert Advice

ED Media solutions arise out of so many years of solving problems in various fields of human endeavour.

Quality Assurance

ED Media give a deliberate push for quality in whatever service clients look for solutions.

About ED Media

ED Media is the first of its kind Life School in India with international standards, which aims to place life before anything else; life in all its richness.

It is an awesome privilege to be part of a young person’s life and make a difference that will last. Such an experience creates a lasting impression and gives a sense of fulfillment.

ED Media's Latest Projects

Life Plans Completed
Worldwide Clients
Business Plans
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Looking for Marketing Solutions
for Your Small Business

It’s never too late to set right a clear path for your small business. Grow with the complete guided support to increase your business income.

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