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The best Wordpress blog site development PRO Version Contains the Following:

– Hosting for 1 year
– Completely designed Wordpress blog site
– List building Forms
– 8 Company emails
– Beautifully crafted 8 blog articles
– Social media content planners
– Blog Content Ideas
– Free icons
– Free social media images
– Free email marketing swipes
– Free email listings
– Free autoresponder built inside
– Automated social media sharing plugins
– Products / Services selling pages ( Limited to 5 Products or services )
– Sales Funnels
– Squeeze pages / Landing pages ( for 5 products )
– Free Banner designs for 5 Products /services
– Social login
– 3 Home page sliders
– Payment gateway integration
– Mailchimp newsletter integration
– Social media widgets
– 1 year maintenance

Choose EDMedia’s Ultimate Blog Site now.  Kickstart your ULTIMATE wordpress blog site with all the best features available for an ultimate blogging experience. Ultimate wordpress blog site from EDMedia helps you to  showcase your expertise to people all over the world.

WordPress blog site has become the most favourite in the recent years. This is true not only among bloggers also among people who want to make money online. Statistics show that more than 40% of the websites created are in wordpress blog site format.

Choose EDMedia’s PRO Blog Site now and kickstart your PRO blog site and showcase your expertise to people all over the world. With EDMedia’s PRO Blog Site you can do the following:

  • Showcase your articles
  • Showcase stories
  • Promote banner advertisements
  • Use Google Ads
  • Promote your own products online
  • Sell a few of your related products

This blog site is created using wordpress the most popular Content Management System ( CMS). Wordpress blog sites bring with them the comfort and ease of self management. You can do most parts of the backend management by yourself without having to engage a costly web developer after we complete the designs for you.

You can also start a blog site for promoting a particular product

You might have been waiting to increase your brand’s reach. The best way to do that in real time is to start a blog site with interesting content. There are ways ways of getting good contents for your blogsite. You can relax with the complete solutions offered by ED Media. You can also start a blog site for promoting a particular product which you can created. You may also want to promote someone else’s product as part of your affiliate marketing strategy. In any case there is a great opportunity through this blog site.

EDMedia’s Ultimate Blog Site will help you to reach millions of people all over the world especially the segment that you want to target. Although, the ultimate aim of this EDMedia’s Ultimate Blog Site is to brand yourself, you can do several other income generation as well.

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