Personal Assessment is part of Life planning and a long term guided process through which an individual takes responsibility for his or her life by taking stock of his or her current situation, clarifying goals and challenges, and identifying the steps needed to become who he or she has to be. As a  formator and a life-coach, Glorious Steve  helps in this soul search to find resources, people, knowledge and wisdom – needed for a successful transformation.

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Components of a Comprehensive Personal Assessment for Life Plan

  • Individual Personality Type Analysis Contains the following: 
  • Portraits,
  • Traits,
  • Strengths,
  • Weaknesses,
  • Possible Career Paths,
  • Relationships,
  • Personal Growth,
  • Rules to live by,
  • Similar popular Personalities in the world


The Personal Assessment Reports can help you in the following ways:

  • Identify job families, or broad occupational categories, to help get you started in your career search
  • Choose a specific job career,
  • Select a Post Graduation or a course of study
  • Identify Strengths & Potential weaknesses for the career you pursue,
  • Increase your job satisfaction
  • Make a career transition or shift
  • Plan your career development strategy and action plans

How the Personal Assessment Report is Organised:

  • Summary of the results
  • How your type affects the career choice
  • How your type affects your career exploration
  • How your type affects your career development
  • Job families and occupations for your type
  • Ranking of job families
  • Most popular occupations

Summary of the Report

  • Where you focus your attention
  • The way you take in and remember  information
  • The way your take decisions or come to conclusions
  • Where your energy is directed
  • How you deal with the outer world
  • In which environment you are most comfortable
  • Clarity of reported preferences ( About the way you answered)
  • How your strengths will help you in executing tasks, work environment and career development
  • Challenges
  • Suggested strategies
  • Types of job groups suitable for you
  • Most popular occupations

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